Change Admin UI

Customize your Joomla 3 administrator according to your requirements. No coding or Technical Skills required. Just install the plugin, change the settings in the plugin and you get a beautiful custom Joomla Admin. This plugin provides rich tools to customize your Joomla administration design Change Admin UI plugin allows you to remove Joomla logo and […]

Google Autocomplete Address

You can add it on a simple contact form address field,shopping cart billing and shipping address fields, search bar , location fields etc. Google Autocomplete Address extension allows you to add autocomplete address functionality on any textbox in a form. This extension is very easy to set up. Just save textbox id in extension, thats […]

Facebook Chat

A website Facebook Chat Support System is absolutely necessary when you have a product website. In Joomla many support extensions are available but what if you want your support system to work flawless to send you notifications wherever you are, is quick and there‚Äôs no delay in reply and response etc.To address all these needs […]

Website Spinners

Website Spinners is a plugin to display spinners in between your page loading time. With this plugin, you can display different types of spinners whenever your website page loads. You can also change the colors of the spinners to match the look and feel of your website. Demo Link

Joomla Video Background

Video Background Extension is used to display Video as a Background anywhere on your Joomla Website Administrator. Demo Link

Secure Admin

Simple security Joomla extension which secures your Joomla! administrator section from hackers, malicious attacks, unauthorized access etc. Demo Link